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Case Study


​​When a company is forced to relocate for some reason this can present a huge challenge – particularly if that company is already operating in what it considers to be the ideal location.

In late 2002, that is the situation that the management team found themselves in. At the time, they were located beside the magnificent Powerscourt Estate in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. Unfortunately, they had outgrown their 2,500 sq ft headquarters and needed to find an equally heavenly location with 7,700 sq ft of space. On top of that, their new headquarters had to come with a flexible lease. Nothing short of a miracle was required!

The Jones Lang LaSalle Tenant Rep team found them an ideal building in a beautiful leafy location in the South County Business Park in Leopardstown, Dublin, and relocated there in 2003.

In 2004, when the workforce expanded yet again, we found them another floor in the same building.

In 2005, advised us that their staff numbers had grown dramatically for a third time. This time they needed 20,000 sq ft. Also on their wish list was an in-house restaurant – a difficult request to meet as no available building in the Sandyford area offered such a facility as part of the Landlord’s works.

The other major difficulty was that because were less than three years into their existing lease, they would need to find a company to take over the remainder of their lease. We managed to overcome this particular difficulty without going to market, thus saving €10,000 in marketing costs. We also prevented them from having to pay double rent costs because we made sure that the assignment date on their new lease dovetailed with the date of the hand-over to VeriFone, the tenant we negotiated with to take over the lease. This was a further saving of €300,000 in outgoings per annum.

Before signed the lease of the first floor in the Atrium (the new building which we sourced for them), we made sure that we negotiated maximum lease flexibility, including numerous break options.

In relation to meeting their request for an in-house restaurant, our solution was to persuade the Landlord of the Atrium to provide a Wrappido coffee and lunch facility in a dormant ground floor area of the building which we had identified. This proved to be an answer to everyone’s prayers: got the onsite catering facility they requested and the Landlord succeeded in generating income from what would otherwise have been a non rent-producing common area.

In early 2007, contacted us again to say that their business had expanded for a fourth time and the company now needed a total of 40,000 sq ft office space.

Because we had had the foresight in 2006 to negotiate with the Landlord and secure the right of first refusal on all remaining ground floor space in the Atrium building, we were able to broker a new lease on that area in early 2007. Better still, from’s point of view, their new ground floor lease replicated the terms of the first floor lease.

The outcome was that did not have to face the disruption of relocating their business and their workforce for the fourth time in four years. The management team achieved their wish of continuing to work in a highly attractive environment.

Smiles all round.

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