Flex space

Is flex space here for good, 

or just the latest real estate fashion?

coworking is evolving… where next?

Be in no doubt…flex space, in all its forms, is a structural shift with lasting impact. Across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we’re rapidly seeing it transform how and where we work. Our new ‘Disruption or Distraction’ research shows that it has more than doubled in size since 2014 and is set to grow by up to 30% per year over the next five years.
As flex space becomes more mainstream, there will be many questions about what it means for your business, developments or investments.
How can you ensure that you see and understand the data that shapes the big picture to make the right decisions?

Given there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, can you answer the hard questions in the clips below ?

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As a business we can help you build flex space into portfolio strategies, find the right spaces at the right price and build a more flexible approach within your own workplaces. As an investor or developer we can advise you on the implications and opportunities for flex and help you to plan and implement the best approaches for your portfolios, developments or single buildings.