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Find locations and create work space that attracts talent and provides a setting for discovery and collaboration. Manage operating costs and extend the life of building assets whilst maximising time for science in Research and Development space. 
Manage life sciences facilities

Use new technology and operations expertise to reduce costs, improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and deliver a workplace that both retains and attracts top talent. Put the right procedures and certifications in place to ensure GXP environments are compliant.

Develop your location strategy

Ensure your location strategy gets you access to the right talent at the right cost. Using interactive tools, analyse local education levels, market demographics, competition, economic incentives, and other key decision-making data. 

Determine your workplace strategy

Attract talented people – and keep them engaged – with modern, flexible and adaptable work space that helps them work how they want, when they want. Create multiple work spaces to accommodate the variety of tasks your people perform. 

Manage life sciences portfolio 

Analyse space utilisation and create an occupancy plan that’s fit for the future. To reduce costs and avoid missed opportunities, centralise portfolio data management and get transaction support to acquire new or dispose of surplus space.

Prepare for M&As

Evaluate portfolios and lease and ownership structures to determine your new strategy for the combined portfolio, find efficiencies and reduce costs. Ensure smooth disposals of surplus space and effective change management – including buildouts that create a cohesive workplace culture.

Invest in life sciences property

Analyse industry trends and property performance data to determine if life sciences facilities are the right addition to your investment portfolio. Get an existing investment property in front of target tenants or buyers with a creative property marketing strategy.

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