Client story

JLL sets international banking group on path to net zero

Long-term partnership aims to help bank achieve net-zero in operations and supply chain by 2030


With an ambitious target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 across its operations and supply chain, the international banking group entrusts JLL with helping decarbonize its corporate real estate and meet wider sustainability and ESG goals that engage employees and drive brand preference globally.

The JLL approach

JLL’s global reach is aligned to the bank’s, enabling energy and sustainability solutions to be delivered consistently at scale. From implementing relatively simple, but highly scalable no-to-low-cost energy conservation measures to technology-led solutions that use data to optimize consumption, JLL’s Work Dynamics business supports the bank across a 37mn s.f. portfolio in over 50 countries.

Bringing it to life:

The deepening year-on-year strategic partnership between JLL and the bank focuses on achieving reductions in energy, waste and water, in turn helping to lower operating costs.

How JLL helped the bank to SEE A BRIGHTER WAY:
  • 65% reduction in carbon emissions ( 2011-2021)
  • 1,590 GWh cumulative savings delivered through energy conservation measures since 2011, the equivalent to powering the bank’s global headquarters for 38 years
  • 76% reduction in overall waste volumes (2022 vs 2021)
  • 65% reduction in water consumption (2022 vs 2021)
  • 432 sustainability initiatives in 2022 across the portfolio to engage the bank’s employees