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Supporting British Land to set its 2030 net zero carbon target

With JLL’s support British Land made the ambitious decision to set a target to be net zero carbon by 2030.

JLL have really helped us to think through the intricacies of setting a net zero carbon commitment which is right for our business and will ensure that we can play our part in achieving a net zero carbon future.”

Matthew Webster, Head of Sustainable and Smart Buildings, British Land
The ambition

JLL has worked with many clients on their carbon reduction trajectories, supporting a shift to net zero carbon across the property industry. British Land, a signatory to the BBP Climate Change Commitment, set the ambition to achieve net zero carbon. The BBP requires that by the end of 2020, all signatories publish their net zero carbon pathway. JLL helped British Land develop its trajectory towards net zero and understand how this will affect its current and future portfolio.

With JLL’s support British Land made the ambitious decision to set a target to be net zero carbon by 2030. JLL advised on what this will mean for British Land, looking at both operational and embodied carbon requirements across its existing assets and new developments.

How we achieved it

An assessment was undertaken on the current carbon performance of the portfolio and targets set for energy efficiency, renewable energy and embodied carbon, addressing different asset types and ownerships structures.

The assessment identifies target buildings that need future improvements, as well as the occupiers who can support the drive for building energy efficiency as they try and meet their own carbon targets.

To enable success against these targets, JLL advised British Land on the best way to engage with all levels of its value chain and how to define the scope and boundary of its targets.

The results

To create the most impact, strategic targets were set to enable British Land to track and ultimately reach its 2030 net zero carbon goal, along with a clear understanding of any offsets required.

Opportunities were identified which will enable British Land to achieve a 75% operational carbon intensity reduction against its 2019 baseline.

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